Friday, August 26, 2011


We have had a fun filled summer with adventures to the pool, beach, parks, playing with trains, lazy afternoons in the hammock, feeding the ducks, naps (very important :)) playing with more trains, riding bikes, visits with family and friends, and even more trains. Summers always go by so fast but as I look back I can't help but REJOICE in the Lord for all the blessings he has given us. Jeff and I are so blessed to have two sweet healthy boys whom we love so much!

Jeff and I were able to get away for 4 days and head to Charleston. One of our adventures was to find letters out of the architecture downtown. It was a fun challenge and where the Rejoice above came from.

Nathan just turned 6 months... wow, time flies! 14lbs 14oz, 26.5 inchs long. A lot of his dark black hair continues to fall out and new lighter brown/blonde hair is coming in. Eli's hair did the same thing. He has 3 teeth and 2-3 more coming in. He is the best baby, always content unless he is tired or hungry. Speaking of hungry, the kid can eat. He is loving oatmeal, peas, pears, peaches, and carrots so far. Not a huge fan of green beans or prunes (i dont blame him) We think he will be crawling soon because he gets up on all fours and this! Nathan loves to follow the dog and is intrigued by his big brother.

Eli also amazes us everyday with the amount of information he retains and the conversations that he loves to have. He loves his daddy! And loves to "help" his daddy whether it is working on the car, using tools, building train tracks, etc. He has also becoming quite the helper in the kitchen. As I get dinner ready he is always willing to help cut something up so we usually try to find some fruit or vegetable that he can cut into small pieces. The hope is that it will mostly end up in a bowl but a lot of times it ends up in his belly. :)
We are looking forward to the summer ending (but also sad) as new adventures begin this fall.
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