Friday, August 24, 2012

18 months old!

Eli & Nate

Nate recently turned 18 months old.  I love to look back at what Eli looked like and see how similar or different they look.  I think they are looking more and more different from each other.  Eli has the curly hair and Nate has the stick straight hair.  Their builds are also a lot different at 18 months.  It was harder to have the shaggy hair cut with Eli because of his curls.  But I am lovin the surfer dude look with Nate. :)
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Beach Trip

A few weeks ago we spent some time in Southport with Nana and Papa.  We had a great time! Here are some of my favorites of Nate from the week:

And of Eli:

Thankful for cousins!

And Pawpaw's Birthday!

Fun times at the pool!

And on a digger! Thanks Uncle Bryan!
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We love to go to the mountains because we get to so many different things!

Visit with Nana and Papa!

And we usually get to hang out with Cathy and Keith. :)

We get to play in the hammock. Being silly!

And more silly.

And even more silly!

We get to play with garden stuff and turn them into rides!

Run in the fields!! 


See pretty flowers! (Eli took this picture)

Eat Nana's applesauce! Mmmmm

Here's Nana! (Eli also took this picture)

Here's Papa! (Eli took this one too)
We love spending time with them and are so thankful for them!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


These boys are just too cute together sometimes.  One day Nate realized that he is not the only one that has a belly.  He will often come up to people, touch their bellies, and try to lift up their shirt. 
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