Friday, March 16, 2012


"Look Momma...there's a bird. I'm gonna go get it."

sweet faces

I've gone blog crazy today! When I find the time and have the desire to work on pictures I tend to do a lot at one time.  I would ideally like to blog more often but it realistically doesnt happen.  After completing a yearly photo album on shutterfly I was able to look back and see what kind of pictures I was taking so that I could strive to have more this next year.  We need more family pictures, more of Eli (I guess I tend to take more baby pictures or Eli is just to active to get a good shot), and more of our families and friends.
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Trucks, Trucks, and more trucks

Having two boys in the house means that a lot of truck playing is going on.  Nathan started playing with trucks a lot earlier than Eli did just because he wants to be doing what his brother is doing.    We are constantly talking to Eli about how frustrating it can be when you are working so hard on something wanting it to stay together, quickly followed by the destructive bulldozer of a 1 year old, but also having the grace and kind attitude of knowing you can work on it again and see the joy that these toys also bring to your brother.
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Happy Birthday G!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my dads birthday. I have recently told my parents that even though they are getting older they do not look or act their age. They seem so much younger. I hope that when we are their age we also portray a youthful spirit and look. :)
Nate saying "hello" with the car as a phone.
Piano time

Snuggles on the couch

Our trip to the zoo

Last week we headed to the Asheboro zoo to meet up with one of my college roomies and her daughter. It was one of the best trips to this zoo because the animals were active, easy to see and the weather was perfect.

The elephants were SO close (maybe 30 feet away). The kids were intrigued and so were the mommas. It was really amazing.