Thursday, February 16, 2012

1 year old comparison

Eli & Nate
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Windy Gap

This past weekend we headed to Windy Gap. Jeff (Bear Claw Grizlap) was the "bad guy" in program. I didnt take many pictures but these are a few cute ones that I did have. The first morning there Eli says "I love Windy Gap." He distinctly remembers the last time we were there for family camp when he got to ride on the horses. This weekend was EXTREMELY cold that we did not even make it down to the barn to look at the horses. We found our fun at the indoor playground and the club room running on the steps.

Fun on the steps
Cute kiddos
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Nate's first word: "Hi"
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Eli started swim lessons a couple months ago. He has really enjoyed them and has progressed tremendously from last summer. It will be fun this year at the pool with the hope that he can safe his safe if he goes under. :)Posted by Picasa

1 years old

Nate (yes i have started calling him that ) turned one at the beginning of Februrary and I can not believe it. This year has flown by. We celebrated on his actually birthday with our family with pizza and cupcakes. He LOVED the cupcake. He immediately put his hands in it and then brought them to his mouth. At one point the whole thing seemed like it was going in. So it was a messy success.
Family picture do not happen often for us unfortunately but they did this night thankfully!! That is a goal of mine this year...more family pics.
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Mild winter

This year we have enjoyed many mornings and late afternoons outside. Some days with a coat and others without. Eli LOVES to ride his bike and Nate has found joy in the car and mower. The stinker still hasn't walked yet. We thought it was coming a few months ago. It would be nice especially outside so that his knees are not scraping the concrete. We hope that this awesome weather continues so that we can keep spending time outside. Honestly, I am the chicken that doesn't want to be out in the cold, the kids could care less. :)
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Xmas with grandparents

I have always loved when Christmas goes on for a while. Grandma Becky and Grandaddy headed to Greensboro in January to celebrate Christmas with us. We had a nice time being together and watching the kids excitement with their presents and wrapping paper.