Friday, January 18, 2013


Hopefully this will be one of many sledding adventures this year.  Eli was really adventurous with it by running up to the sled, landing on it, then going down the hill. Nate warmed up to it and had some smiles about doing it. He did like going down on Eli's back.  Pawpaw joined us too!
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Snow Day

It was the first big snow of the year and we enjoyed it.  Last night Jeff and Eli had a late night snowman making adventure. (Nate enjoyed the warmth of his bed. ) I'm so glad they did it then because by morning it was just ice.  Eli's excitement was so great.

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Nerf Wars

This Christmas was the year of the nerf guns.  A lot of days are spending loading and shooting these things.  They set up walls with the cardboard brick blocks and targets to shoot at. Its pretty hilarious to be at one side of the house and hear the "war" going on. 
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