Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Asheboro Zoo

A couple weekends ago we decided to head to the zoo because we knew our nice, warm weekends were ending.  It was a great day to be there! I was especially excited to see all the new babies.  (giraffes, gorillas, and chimpanzees)

Chimpanzee's with the new baby!  They were the only ones close enough to get a picture.

Uncle Jon came with us!

Being sweet brothers!
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Razz and Tazz Farm

This is the second year we have gone to Razz and Tazz farm.  It is super fun with a lot to do.  Hay ride, swing sets, tires to climb on, corn to play in, hay to climb, tunnels, tractors, john deer bikes, corn maze. 
Its just fun!!

Fun in the mound of corn!

Climbing the stack of hay!

Fun being silly with friends at the top!

These pictures are just gorgeous to me!
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Wake Forest Games

I know I'm going blog crazy today but I'm on a roll and want to get these pics out there. :)
These are some sweet pictures of us at a Wake game one afternoon.  The kids sat through the entire game up on The Hill.  It is the perfect spot because there is a lot to look at and space for kids to run.

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Happy Halloween!


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Pumpkin carving in the dark

Last night our power went out for several hours.  I actually really love when this happens (other than not having heat and a working refrigerator) because life seems to slow down.  Thankfully the power came back on right before bedtime to warm up the house a little.

Eli pulls out his new headlamp so he can see inside the pumpkin to get the seeds out.
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More birthday pics

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The Bike Ride

This was so fun!  I love that there were bikers, walkers, strollers,  wagon riders and bike carriers. 
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