Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Jeff here. So for a long time Bec has been asking me to get rid of my Young Life T-Shirts. I like them cause they are free, she hates them because that is all I have. So today I decided to put up a list of non-Young Life T-shirts that I would like. Feel free to buy any of these for me to make my wife happy.

Geek Ones
There's no place like home
For all the Linux gurus out there...
This would save people from asking (just kidding, I don't mind)
Yeah, I can do that
Most likely the cause

Funny Ones
One of the best movies ever
Orgon Trail
Best SNL ever
Because I think Jesus would do this
I want to wear this in Europe
This one makes me laugh
It's true
I think this one fits me

There are plenty of other ones but I don't think I would actually be allowed out of the house in them. Just a reminder, my birthday is soon!

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charlie said...

i didn't understand any of the geek ones but the others are funny. i think jesus would hang-glide and then say, "hey watch this" and let go of the hang-glider and just start flying.