Wednesday, July 23, 2008

6 month check-up...WOW

I can not believe we have a little over three months left!! We had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything is going great. I started going through the rotation of doctors so I met a new one today that could potentially deliver this baby boy. It is always a blessing to hear that heartbeat over again. Right before the doctor finished listening the baby kicked the probe. It was kind of funny.

Specs on our baby boy:
Weight: ~1.5 pounds
Body: ~10 inches long and still growing
Soul: He's got the tiny little baby in His Hands

Specs on Becca:
Weight: Heavier :)
Body: Wide all over
Soul: Trusting in the Lord

1 comment:

Hutch & Meg said...

Wow! How cool! And, Bec, you are NOT wide all over!