Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Tent

The teacher in me can not wait to turn Eli's room into a mini classroom. I am blessed to be able to stay home with Eli but there is a tiny (very tiny) part of me that does miss the classroom. So instead of going back to classroom teaching I will do it with my son. :)
We already have the bookshelf that I have always wanted and now I have the tent/cozy corner/quiet area to go along with it. We spent some time in the tent today and he seems to like it. Fortunately it is big enough for Jeff and I to get in it too. Now all I need are some big cozy pillows to lay on. My expensive taste wants this pillow from Lollipop shop but it's $95. Woah. A dog bed might work.

BTW, the tent has three more sections that go along with it. Two tunnels and a Teepee tent. We are not using those sections in his room. The tent came from Costco. It was a great deal. :)
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Josh, Jenny, & Emma Newnam said...

Hey Becca,
I'm not sure if you would remember me. I worked at Little Feet Learning Center with you for a little while. I found your page through Ben and Meredith McDaniel. Ben is my 2nd cousin. Anyway, I also found out that I work in the NICU with your mother-in-law. It it such a small world. Congratulations of your little man. He is so precious. Hope you are doing well.