Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And we’re back!!

This past month or so has been packed full of vacations and activities that I just have not gotten around to posting new stuff. Some of the things that have been missed are Eli turning 9 months old!!  He now weighs 17 lbs 10.5oz and is 27 inches long.  He is eating all table food now which he LOVES! It has been so great to be able to put the food on his table and let him go to town.  No more having to feed him!!


He has 6 teeth.


He is doing a good amount of crawling and standing up holding on to stuff.   He still loves to just sit and play with a toy. 


Jeff took a week off from work and we had all intentions of having a staycation and going to the pool all week but instead Jeff and I went to the beach for a few days all alone.  It was much needed and we had a great time. Plus it was free thanks to Hilton Honor points! 



After we came back from the beach we headed up to the mountains and enjoyed some great time with family.  Eli LOVES all the attention. 

Hiking with Daddy!


IMG_5617  Hanging out in the hammock with Aunt Cathy

IMG_5742 Hanging out with Matt and Whitney

IMG_5771 Eli loves to take a bath in the sink.  We have started to do this more and more since it is so much easier to clean.

IMG_5781 How many people does it take to watch Eli get a back?!? He is definitely loved!


Even though we did not end up having a staycation at home we did have a great week having Jeff home and spending time together.


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