Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy Boy!

A lot has changed in the past month with Mr. Eli.  He is such a sweet, happy, curious little man.  We love all the new things that he is doing and learning. Every morning we usually go on a walk after breakfast and then spend some time in his room reading books and playing with some toys before naptime. 


Another daily occurrence is climbing up to stand at the back door looking at Oakley and leaving tiny fingerprints on the window. :)

           IMG_5948 IMG_5952

Recently we have started waiting by the back window for Jeff to come home.  Eli thinks it is so exciting to see the Jeep pull up the driveway.  And yes, he is obsessed with the Jeep.  He can pick it out in the parking lot and loves to sit in the passenger seat.


He has also discovered the magnets on our magnet/chalkboard in the kitchen.  He loves to take them off and crawl around with them. 

IMG_5962 This little guy has started crawling so fast that I can barely get a picture of him going down the hall. 

IMG_5967 And finally, Eli enjoys walking with the push toy.  He gets so excited sometimes that he is an out of control driver. 




Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures, Becca. I love him looking out the window.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is grannie annie

The Whitworth Fam said...


melanie said...

He looks so big pushing that toy....that is the same toy that Brooke learned to walk with!