Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The birthday party

A couple months prior to planning Eli's party we thought that we were going to be having a train party.  I was excited about that idea because I had some great ideas.  Well, the birthday boy changes his mind and wants a bike party.  He recently learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and so I think it stemmed from that.  I did not have any ideas at all on how to have a bike party so with the help of pinterest we came of with this:
The food spread consisted of turkey wrap wheels, pasta wheels, stop light fruit, handle bar veggies, wheel mac and cheese, pretzel wheels.  It was great fun!

When everyone arrived they parked their bikes and headed over to the repair shop to decorate with streamers, ribbon, and balloons. 


Here Eli is working on decorating his bike for the bike ride coming up.

  Just a sweet pic of Nate enjoying all the festivities.
 And we are off!  Once we got the birthday boys chain back on after everyone had already ventured off down the street he zooms by to meet up with everyone. 

After a lap around the block everyone goes through the bike wash!

Lunch time around the bike wheel!

It was a lot of planning but our now 4 year old had a blast!
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