Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 years!

Jeff and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past weekend.  Time sure does fly.  We have actually been together for 11 years!! Woah! Yes, we dated for 6 years.  That's what happens when you start dating your sophomore year of high school.  
So we have experience a lot of fun times together.  I was thinking back at some of the things we have done and thought I would share.

School dances
Beach Trips
College (UNCW)
Hiking the Grand Canyon (hardest thing ever done)
Young Life Camps (Frontier, Rockbridge)
Your Graduation
Our Wedding
Other Weddings
Buying our first house
Getting Oakley, the dog
My Graduation...finally :)
Buying our second house
New Jobs
House construction
And now we are having a BABY!

Jeff I love you! Thanks for all these awesome adventures and many more to come. MWAHHH!!

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Hutch & Meg said...

Man, last Saturday, huh? I completely forgot. Happy Anniversary Guys!