Monday, May 5, 2008

I've been tagged!!

I was tagged a while back by several people and I have just not come around to putting 7 things out there about myself. It actually took some time for me to think of things but once I thought of some they just starting flowing.

Here you go:
1. I get my eyebrows electrolysized (spelling?). It is permanent hair removal. I have been doing it for several years now and really do like it. It is definately a process for me because I do not go as often as I should. I think you are suppose to go almost every month and the total process should take about a year. Well, I go maybe twice a year so it has taken a lot longer. The stinky thing about this is that you can not plucked your eyebrows at all. You have to let the hairs grow out so that you can zap them. The nice thing is that they do not grow back!

2. I love electronics. Jeff loves this about me being the "techy" person that he is. I would idealy love a flat screen TV over the fireplace and speakers in the ceiling. I think I like this because it helps to de-clutter, and I love a clean house.

3. Which lead us to number 3. I really like a clean house. Things definately need to be in place or it drives me crazy. The last several months have been close to torture due to all the construction stuff going on.

4. Embarrasing number 4! I make a lot of noise in the morning. Jeff would vouch for this one!! I wake up pretty congested and have to clear it out. Enough said!

5. I have never had a broken bone. I dont know if this is odd or not but I think it is pretty impressive.

6. I do not like to cook or go to the grocery store. This is the complete opposite of Jeff so it works out. He does a lot of the cooking and loves to go to the grocery store. This definately needs to change though when I start staying at home with the babe. Don't get me wrong, I will cook but just dont enjoy it.

7. And last but not least: I have a flat head. If you feel the top/back of my head it is flat. You could probably put a cup on it if I tilted my head a certain way. Nice huh? I don't know why or how I got it but it's there. :)

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts about me. Now I think that Jeff should come up with some. Jeff you have been tagged babe!!!

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