Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pregnant women make the best workers!

Jeff here. As you might guess we finished our tile today, all 400 friggin' sq/ft! One thing that I learned throughout this is that if you want some good help and motivation during a construction project, just get your wife pregnant! Apparently a woman is fairly motivated to get a house ready for a baby. As you can see in this picture Becca cleaned all the tile in the addition/kitchen. I don't see why construction companies don't just go find some pregos to do all there work....

Thanks Bec!!
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justin smith said...


p.s. I think their hard work is balanced out by their need for two naps per day. Nap mats probably wouldn't look good on the job site.

kelly said...

yay--it's finished!

Matt Hannam said...

Hey, I love your new background, leelou rocks and your little preggers belly is just the cutest thing ever.

Let's hang soon...summer's coming!!